Baby | Devendra Banhart


when your runescape chick catches you with your club penguin chick….


Alright. Just how rich does your desktop have to be? I picked these in the Latour garden before doctoring them to my taste. He had far too many … Might print it into a toiletries bag


it’s so nice being alive at the same time as you

i don’t get why my mom thinks cats knock everything over one of my cats is literally such a ninja i just saw her crawl all over my desk and she didn’t even knock the eyeliners i had standing up

wow omg i thought i wouldn’t like Angel cause he wasn’t that interesting in Buffy but like the show isn’t that bad cordelia is actually not super annoying and the stories are p good like damn

God I really need to go on a grocery run bu I’d have to walk home with all my food :-(((


woah calm down im just trying to date your dad

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