I’m sitting in my bed and I heard a weird buzzing noise so I put on my glasses to hear it better

Of course my hair only ever looks good and voluminous at 11pm when I’m at home feat. My super cute and not shitty chromebook

Holy shit I’m leaving for school in like a week and I still have to pack whatever shit I have left at home and I have no clue what I need to bring/buy like wtf how am I going to live by myself???? I suck at taking care of myself I swear to god I’m going to starve and waste away because I’ll forget to eat and shower and shit regularly I’m going to get a bowel infection because I’ll only remember to poo like once a week or something like that god damn. Once I’m on my own I’m going to take soooooo much for granted like having 3 different kinds of oil to cook with or randomly having ingredients to make mug brownies or having nuoc mam???? If I forget to bring nuoc mam I am DONE. I’m a goner. Can I steal condiments from the dining hall? Will I stoop that low? Tune in next time to find out. If I live long enough for next time.

the deeper you go the bluer the water gets

Chi Lan, ISFJ.
I'm a big fat loser asshole and my favorite kinds of people are the naked kind.